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Citations, Get The Basics.

What are citations?

Citations are an instance online of your business name, address and phone number (often abbreviated as NAP). Think of them as a listing in a phone book in the days before the internet. However, the online version has a lot more versatility than that. Places, where citations are built, are called citation sources, or more specific terms such as a business directory.

What makes citations effective, or less than effective?

The accuracy of the information is the most important. A listing with bad information may as well be a listing for a different business for all it’s going to help you. After that, the relevance of the source to your business is important, and so is the distance away from the source.

Why do they matter?

For the same reason that offline listings matter: they promote your business. They put your information in front of more people who are looking for your products and services. Additionally, search engines consider them to be authoritative signs of how well-known you are. If you have a lot of (good!) citations, you are likely to see growth from a lot of different directions.

What is citation indexation?

Citations only count when Google knows about them – they need to be indexed to be effective. Eventually, almost all citations built will be found but we can speed up the process with our citation indexation add-on. Our team will build links to the structured citations we’ve just created for you to help Google find them faster, resulting in more citations that can immediately help your local rankings.

About Our service

How long will my order take to complete?

When you place an order with us, we will fire you a note, letting you know we have received your order, and quote you a date of completion. Typically, it takes 2 business days. We will always deliver on time—or your money back.

What Can I Expect for Reporting?

So revealing you’ll blush. One highly-detailed report, including new links, logins, and everything else included in a white-labeled spreadsheet.

Can I see your list of citations?

We don’t have a list per se. Each order is different, based on competitive analysis, niche and geographic location. And of course, what you already have! Certainly there are a handful we will always want to build (the BIG ones), if not already built. If you’d like to see the proposed list before we submit, please ask before ordering so that we can organize one for you.

What information will I need to provide?

Do you know the business address? Phone? Name? Website URL? Well, you are pretty much set. We’ll ask for a few things beyond this, but as long as you have the basics, you should be good.

Do you offer citation audits?

Do you have existing citations, but aren’t sure where they are? Maybe you’ve recently rebranded or moved, and your citations are all out of date? Did you know that 9/10 times we find inconsistent citations the client has no idea? Well, if they share common problems—specifically errors in your business name, address and phone number—it is likely hurting your local rankings.

Can I provide you with a list of citations to build?

Sure thing. Happy to put one together for you, if you wish. One thing worth keeping in mind though, not all citations go live the same day. We tend to build citations that publish right away so that we have evidence of our work. If the citations you wish us to build do not publish same day, we will provide you with a screenshot of the submission.

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